image based lighting

April 26th, 2006 by Bramz

My first render using an environment map as skylight … Using the technique described in Infinite Area Light Source with Importance Sampling by Pharr and Humphreys, it’s implemented in a breeze … (thanks Thomas, for pointing out that article =)

three differnent spheres illuminated by the grace cathedral probe (light probe by Paul Debevec)

(Light probe: Grace Cathedral by Paul Debevec)

2 Responses to “image based lighting”

  1. Reedbeta Says:

    Very pretty! I especially like the look of the environment map diffusely reflected in the left sphere. Looks like you threw some depth-of-field in this image too (or is the checkerboard blurred intentionally?)

    Nice reference for the light probe images, too. :)

    You should get working on this raytracer again soon (and I’m going to try to get working on mine too, though I have a lot of catching up to do)! ;)

  2. bramz Says:

    Hey hey, thanks mate =)

    There’s indeed some DOF in the images. Standard practice nowdays =) I’m aching to start coding on LiAR again, but unfortunately I have other matters to contend.