photon mapping with the cornell box

October 10th, 2006 by Bramz

Summer is over (already 20 days since September 21), and as promised, we’re back with some more LiAR stuff =)

I’ve been busy with a few things, the main one being the photon mapper. It’s not completed yet. Currently we only have a global photon map and a gather step with a full radiance estimate. On the agenda are precomputed radiance estimates, importance driven photon shooting, caustic photon maps, …

The photon mapper does not use the traditional diffuse/specular/absorption Russian roulette of Jensen, but rather a full BSDF approach as described by Pharr. This required a complete refactoring of the shaders, which was the other big thing I was working on.

As you could read in an earlier post, I was not so happy with my material implementation. The shaders didn’t match well with things like photon mapping, so I completely ditched the shader approach for a BSDF one. I was a bit worried about having to evaluate expensive textures for each BSDF call, so I had to find a way to buffer them. The solution I’ve choosen is to compute many values in one call by some kind of iterator approach.

I guess that’s it for today. But of course, there’s still some render to show. OK, it’s only a dull cornell box, but it allows me to check my results more easily because I know what to expect. Overall, it looks good, but you might notice some problems at the edges of the wall. Apparently, the final gather doesn’t work so well over there.

traditional cornell box rendered with photon mapping

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