Plücker coordinates not so good for you?

July 17th, 2007 by Bramz

Christer Ericson, author of Real-Time Collision Detection has written a little article on Plücker coordinates and why they are considered harmful. It’s great. I never really understood what all the fuss was about, as I could do the Plücker coord tricks as easily with basic 3D linear algebra and its triple product. So, I’m glad to see some of the big guys agree!

(via Pete Shirley’s Graphics Blog)

“LiAR is entirely Plücker free” ;)

2 Responses to “Plücker coordinates not so good for you?”

  1. Blaize Says:

    ‘This doesnt really have much to do with the above message’

    Seeing as your quite interested and skilled in raytracers, and also show support for Blender, Why not put some of that love into the Blender Raytracer ?
    It could surely use someone with your skill.

    in my opinion ‘LIAR’ would make an amazing replacement for the Blender raytracer. a project that’s from 1992 if i remember correctly :P

  2. bramz Says:

    Hi Blaize,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I certainly am interested in ray tracers. But as you might see, progress on LiAR has pretty much stopped since, well, somewhere in 2007. Time is a limited resource, and unfortunately, it is now all absorbed by other stuff. But perhaps, in due time, I will spend some time on ray tracing again, and yeah, maybe on Blender =)