liar in a revival

February 20th, 2010 by Bramz

OK, it has been more than two years since my last update on Back then, we moved from to to, the subversion repository got a new URL, and everything went silent. What happened?

Well, I started taking real pictures instead, that’s what happened … And I started doing it quite regularly as well, mostly concert photography. Started shooting befriended bands, then I joined Indiestyle and later I was the in-house photographer of Westtalent 2009.

But then, fellow indiestyler Jaan Meert posted on facebook a 3D render of a lego tractor he made for school. And that’s got it itching again … I wanted to do 3D renders myself, but it LiAR was severely out of shape. So shaping has to be done, and after all this time, coding on LiAR is fun again.

Currently, I’m working on the good old sponza atrium, to get things in good condition to tackle further challenges. I’m using Blender as a platform to set up the scene, and export it to a python script for LiAR. It’s working as a charm, and you may expect updates soon!

2 Responses to “liar in a revival”

  1. Kevin Beason Says:

    Yay!! Looking forward to new images.

  2. bramz Says:

    Me too! =) Working on sponza atrium now. A bit of an old challenge, but I’m going easy for now … render time is already long enough like it is …