LiAR sponsors PHD-Motorsports team

November 22nd, 2005 by Bramz

LiAR isn’t a raytracer is pleased to announce that it has become the official sponsor of PHD-Motorsports, the Ghent-based racing team owned by Victor De Muer. The team is currently competing in the VRL Live For Speed WinterTrophy 2005.

Last week, LiAR CEO Bram de Greve was contacted by De Muer in search of funds for his team. Both bosses agreed that LiAR will commit to a long-term financial backing of PHD-Motorsports. In return, the corporate logo will be prominently displayed on the team’s racing cars starting from the next championship race on December 4, 2005 in Blackwood.

“It’s a great opportunity for us”, de Greve said. “We’ll be able to showcase our technology that naturally fits the fast cars of PHD-Motorsports. And I also know team member Tom De Muer from his work on LASS, so I have great confidence in their performance.”

Stay tuned for renders of the team’s racing cars. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the team news on their homepage

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