renders of LX6

December 3rd, 2005 by Bramz

This week, I’ve been mostly rendering … cars.

Front view of the LX6 cars with team skin.  Model courtesy

It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been rendering cars for PHD-Motorsports. The setup is rather simple. The same triangle mesh is instantiated three times with a different skin. There are three point lights: a pure white key light in the front left corner, a blueish fill light in the front right corner, and as last a blueish back light.

side view with motion blur

Of course, we also had to render some “action”, so we added a bit of motion blur to the side view of the cars. A checker board is added a floor to have a fixed object as reference.

Model and skin by Live for Speed and PHD-Motorsports.

7 Responses to “renders of LX6”

  1. bramz Says:

    thanks! looking forward to see the new skins! ;)

  2. wimz Says:

    Impressive stuff Bram :-O Looking forward to more of our cars being rendered with LiAR.

  3. tomz Says:

    Well, LiAR is getting better with the day :) I’m definitely looking forward to the HDR skies :-X

  4. wimz Says:

    Hmmm tomz knows something the rest of us don’t? :-D

  5. bramz Says:

    Haha … yeah … The next big feature to be added to LiAR is area lights and skydomes. Unfortunately, the last couple of days I really didn’t have time to work on it. But tonight I will. Promise! Tomorrow, you’ll have a render of the new skins with plates and depth of field ;)

  6. wimz Says:

    Wooohoo, sounds great :D But seriously, take your time, no masterpiece is achieved in one day ;)

  7. tomz Says:

    Hehe, hopefully I didn’t spoil a suprise or something. Today I saw Bram behind his keyboard and I could swear the the sparks were coming from his buttons, he was working that hard :-O